A Real-Time Entrepreneurial Community 

for a New Economy

You see a problem in the world that needs fixing…and you know you have the skills to do it.

You know it needs fixing your way… and want to get busy working on thirst-quenching projects

You could talk all day about your subject… but hate the idea of doing sales and marketing to win clients

If this sounds like you,

Welcome to The Expert Economy

The place where industry best thinkers come to glean the tips and wisdom they need to build their business, life and mindset so they create abundance for themselves and for the clients they serve.

What we offer



Meet likeminded entrepreneur experts, share business referrals, build your own tribe and make introductions and glean valuable insights and tips.

Seven-day challenge

Become The Only Person Your Prospects Want to Work With. This interactive challenge will start you on the path to building the right foundations.

strategy bootcamp

Get building the foundations in your business with the intensity that gets results. Together, we’ll get to work thrashing out your strategy and building assets

At The Expert Economy, we introduce our clients to a step-by-step methodology so they quickly become the ‘go-to’ expert in their industry and get paid for the value they create, as well as provide the community and support needed to succeed, in what really is, an unknown world.

Are you an Expert Entrepreneur?

If you sell a service and the promise to solve a problem for your clients, then there is a high chance you’re an Expert Entrepreneur. You’re likely someone who has spent years mastering your knowledge and capabilities and have a unique take on things.

You see a problem in the world that needs fixing and are adamant it needs fixing your way. So much so that you’ve put everything on the line to strike out on your own and become a solo entrepreneur.

Your main product is you, your expertise and your ability to solve your client’s problems. You’re good at it and you create transformational results that people talk about. If you could, you’d spend all day working with your clients, researching your subject and talking about it. It gets you out of bed in the morning.

Sound like you? Then you’re in the right place.

Take our quick quiz to find out if you’re an Expert Entrepreneur, and what this means for your business

In our fast-paced, busy lives, we really don’t have time to waste when it comes to winning new clients and building our business. What we need is for our name to come up in all the right conversations and our most ideal clients to come to us pre-sold and ready to buy.

Something that, with the right marketing approach, is actually easy to achieve. All you need is a compelling Call-to-Action, clear packages and pricing, and a structured sales conversation.

Do you have everything in place so prospects come to you pre-sold and ready to buy? Take our Scorecard and find out!

The Expert Economy is designed to be a no-nonsense safe place for subject matter experts to glean the insights and distinctions they need to build a thriving business and get paid for the value they create.

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FRIDay NETworking

Meet others on the same journey as you, share your stories, and listen to our experts.


Discover the Step-By-Step Methodology for Quickly Establishing Your Business and Get Paid For The Value You Create 

The Podcast

Make a cup of tea, do the washing up, hit the gym or go for a walk while gleaning helpful insights with Naomi Johnson. 

THe course

Structure your business for success and build it like a pro with our online course, thought-provoking worksheets and business planner. 

1-1 coaching

Personalise the content to you and gain vital support for your journey with One-to-one coaching with Naomi Johnson.


Use our helpful online resources to build your own LinkedIn profile that brings prospects to you pre-sold and ready to buy. (Sister Company)

“One of the biggest problems I have witnessed, time and time again, is Expert Entrepreneurs becoming worn out by the need to market their business. They become so distracted by the steep learning curve they are no longer the lead expert in their industry or fulfilled in their work.”

Naomi Johnson


Naomi Johnson is a LinkedIn Profile Expert who began her entrepreneurial career as a Life Coach in 2006. After making all the classic business mistakes and writing her book Grassroots to Green Shoots about the lessons she learned, Naomi was determined to rectify her wrongs and master the art of winning new business as a solo entrepreneur.

She went on to establish TheProfile.Company, becoming a world-leading LinkedIn Profile expert and writing her book What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile.

It wasn’t long before Naomi began to notice that not only did people tend to undersell themselves on their profile, but they were missing vital business components that, if put in place, would dramatically change their results. It was from here, that The Expert Economy was born.

What is the Expert Economy?

As new technology continues to transform the world and how we do business, a new economy is emerging and a new type of entrepreneur for whom the challenges and risks of building a business are very different. With this comes the need for a radically different approach to marketing.

At The Expert Economy, we introduce our clients to a step-by-step methodology so they quickly become the ‘go-to’ expert in their industry and get paid for the value they create, as well as provide the community and support needed to succeed, in what really is, an unknown world.


the expert economy


We believe that Expert Entrepreneurs should be billing 70% of their time, spending 20% of their time studying to remain an expert in their industry and 10% of their time moving all the pieces around. When we make sales and marketing a natural by-product of our study time we remain inspired and fulfilling our purpose.

Sales conversations are an opportunity to help a prospect fully understand the extent of their problem and offer valuable solutions. If a prospect can implement the solution by themselves they should do so. We only want to take on the clients that really need us to transform their situation and will receive a clear return on investment.

The goal of an Expert is to solve meaningful problems for their clients, taking them from where they are now to where they need to get to. They may not have all the answers or know all the variables, but they have the experience to know how to navigate the course and stick with the client until they arrive at the destination.