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This is the perfect package for someone determined to start their new business with a bang.

Together we’ll build the vital components of your business and write your LinkedIn profile to match. We’ll then create a sales strategy for you, show you how to leverage the trust in your network and how to get the most from LinkedIn.

Starting a business is always a challenge but never more so if you’re transitioning from Full-Time work. Beyond developing a robust mindset to deal with the ebbs and flows, there is also mastering a multitude of skills so you can actually run a business that generates a sustainable income.

At The Expert Economy, we believe that, as a Thought-Leader, your focus should be on adding value to your clients and continuing to grow your expertise rather than continually focusing marketing.  Thus, we’ve created this package, using tried and tested methods to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

With a heavy focus on LinkedIn, we’ll show you how to position yourself as your prospect’s Trusted Advisor and ‘go to’ expert in your industry so your name comes up in all the right conversations and ideal prospects come to you pre-sold and ready to buy.

This is a one-to-one six-month intensive coaching package including practical support and online training.


Apply the principles of The Expert Economy with one-to-one guidance and support from leading business coach Naomi Johnson.

With one-to-one support, you’ll receive personalised feedback and support helping you to implement the principles of The Expert Economy for your business and unique circumstances.

With a heavy focus on LinkedIn, Naomi will help you set the foundations in your business and coach you in responding to invitations, proactively searching for new leads, starting conversations and building a sales process that matches the unique buying habits of your audience.

You will also receive all the personal coaching and support you need to achieve your goals, after all, without you, there is no business.

Coaching Support

What will you get from this programme?

LinkedIn Strategy That Is Right For Your Business

It is all very well to know how to use LinkedIn but without a strategy, you’ll likely find yourself doing very little, or not enough of the right things. In order for LinkedIn to produce the results, you need to know exactly what you want from it and then choose the right actions to do consistently to achieve it. On this course, you’ll master the ‘how’ of LinkedIn while following a clear strategy designed for your business so you remember it and build your own confidence on the platform.

Clarity On Where To Invest Time To Get Results

Small businesses are all about spinning plates and knowing exactly where to invest your time at any given moment. You won’t always make the right call, but with the insights on this course and a renewed focus on your outcome, you’ll be on track more often than you’re not, ensuring you’re always on track to achieve your goals.

Have your name come up in all the right conversations

When you’re network understands the problem you solve and are able to easily refer you to ideal prospects, the cost of winning new business reduces dramatically. On this course, you’ll identify what it is you offer that sets you apart in your industry and how to articulate your value so people see you as the ‘go to’ expert and are always quick to recommend you at the mere mention of your topic or speciality.

Confidence Positioning Yourself And Establishing Your Personal Brand

Identifying the problem you solve for your marketplace and then standing behind it consistently can be a challenge in the early days before you build up a track record.  In this course, we’ll look back over your career and life history to uncover the milestones that have shaped you, understand exactly what it is about you that makes you an ‘expert’ so you can easily articulate it when speaking to prospects and your network.

Understand Your Prospects Buying Journey

When we understand how people buy we understand how to respect a person’s decision-making process and match our behaviour. This isn’t about manipulating people but rather about helping people make the right decision for them, whether that means working with your or not. Together we’ll explore the psychology of how people buy and identify content you can create or curate that will not only position you as an expert to those looking for a solution but also open up an entirely new ocean of prospects that previously weren’t looking for your solution.

Structure For Your Content Marketing

We all know how powerful content marketing is, however, it is how we structure our articles and what we say that builds rapport with a prospect and has them begging to work with us. LinkedIn research has proven that if you do it right, 88% of people who engage with your content will go on to buy from you.  The trick is to how you write the article and structure it. In this course, you’ll learn how to create this content so that it winning you new business as you while you focus on our delivering exceptional results for your paying clients.

Scripted Sales Session That Achieves Results

Scripts don’t just help us to know what to say and when, but they also help our prospect to know what to expect. With a good script that sets clear expectations and puts our prospect at ease, we can delve deeper into our prospects issues and allowing make the right very best recommendations for their situation. By focusing on adding value, you’ll make a raving fan out of each new sales call, so whether they buy from you or not, they recommend other people to you.

A Product Eco-System

Clear products and packages take the guesswork out of your day and make it easier for clients to understand exactly what you offer. Not only do they dramatically reduce the time it takes to achieve a sale, but they also provide prospects with clear and easy stepping-stones for getting to know you and your content. This allows you to filter out non-ideal prospects effortlessly so only the ones with the budget, need, authority and time to invest, get in touch.

Focused Sales Strategy With Clear Outcomes

Without a focused sales strategy we’ll have sporadic sales meetings that are inconclusive and time-consuming. By focusing on the outcome we are after, we can create targets and processes that ensure we’re always on track to achieving our goal.

Techniques To Get Started With

You’ll learn everything you need to know to execute your strategy using LinkedIn. All our advice is based on the free LinkedIn account and you won’t need to upgrade until you’ve proven your strategies work and are ready to ramp things up.

A Business Plan

As we complete the course we’ll be storing your answers in your very own Business Planner on GoogleDrive. Should you wish, you can share the document with me and invite me to comment on aspects of it.

What you can expect?

One-on-one Coaching

Working directly with Naomi Johnson you’ll receive 18-hours of coaching over 9 months. Sessions are booked at appropriate intervals to fit your schedule and circumstances, and range from 30-90 minutes depending on what is required. An additional hour for copywriting or other assistance is also provided per month.

Online Business Planner

As we make decisions about your business, we’ll add them to your Online Business Planner so you have a resource to refer back to. The document also links to the Expert Economy Training course and the worksheets. Once you’ve completed the modules and scribbled over the worksheets, you can write up your consolidated thoughts and plans into the business planner.

LinkedIn How-to Worksheets

Within the shared drive, you’ll find our latest LinkedIn How-to Worksheets that have been made exclusively for our clients. You’ll also find other helpful resources including digital copies of Naomi books and other recommended reading.

Just-in-Time Training

We believe in training you to use LinkedIn at the time you’re implementing a strategy because we all know that people retain less than 10% of what they learn on a training course. We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. Plus, you’ll be able to share any challenges you come up against using the platform using our online tool. We’ll then endeavour to respond as quickly as possible so you don’t stay stuck for long.

Personal Performance Coaching

We know that you are the most important asset your business has. Helping you to form the right habits and push past your limiting beliefs is an important part of helping you achieve results. As well as being there for you when the unexpected happens in your personal life, you are welcomed to be open and honest about how you’re feeling in any part of your business, so you get the support you need.

Session Recordings

All sessions are held online allowing us to record the session and store it in our shared drive. You’ll be able to listen back on the call whenever you want. This is especially important if you begin to lose your way or just need to reignite your passion on a Monday morning.

Comprehensive Notes

At the end of each session, Naomi will write up what was discussed along with agreed action points. This is perfect for keeping track of what was discussed and gaining clarity on the ideas being thrown around. You can read back over it and ask questions to ensure you’ll grasped exactly what we’re doing.

LinkedIn Profile Written for you

Once we’ve cemented your LinkedIn strategy and your marketing message, your coach and expert profile writer Naomi Johnson will personally write your LinkedIn profile for you and upload it.

LinkedIn Company Profile

Along with writing your LinkedIn profile we’ll also write and setup your LinkedIn Company page (where needed) and set the text for you so you’re business is making the right first impression.

Sales Training

Once you’re generating leads it’s important that you know exactly what to do with them. We’ll teach you how to have authentic conversations with your prospects that add value and allow you to confidently ask the buying question.

You’ll also receive:

  • Monthly Membership to Friday Networking
  • The Expert Economy Online Course
  • The RevSales Training Programme

Who is this for?


You are just launching your business and/or navigating your way through the early days of business development and putting down foundations.

Service-Based Businesses

You sell your time and knowledge as a coach, trainer or consultant and want to create a predictable business with a clear sales funnel.

The Committed

For you, there is no time other than ‘right now’ to make a success of your business. You have 2+ days per week to dedicate to your business.

Naomi sees things differently, which is exactly why I loved working with her. She helped me in a few profound ways: (1) She listened to my rambling descriptions of what I do and worked with me to turn it into something that others could understand and find a use for. (2) She coached me in the very specific technical intricacies of LinkedIn and a variety of interlocking tools (Hootsuite, Pocket, Twitter, etc.) and strategies for their use. (3) She also coached on business strategy, following up on leads, etc. I’m not sure where else I’d be able to find the kind of help she gave without going to a fancy communications firm. The personalized help was exactly what I needed.”

Lynn Broaddus, Broadview Collaborative, USA 

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Naomi’s expertise has been instrumental in changing the way that Solcroft reaches out to potential clients. Her approach has directly resulted in a significant increase in new clients. I am recommending her to every small-business owner I know.

Stacey Jackson, Solcroft (London Based Design & Communications Agency)

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Just SO grateful for Naomi!! I had really struggled to describe the service I provided let alone write a description of this in a set number of characters for a Linkedin profile. Even Naomi admitted it was a challenge! But she really got to the essence of what I do and hung in there until the perfect profile was written! And then I seized the opportunity to work with her with her ongoing sales coaching / training. Brilliant! I knew I needed to get my head around sales and Naomi knew exactly what my struggles where and had the solution. And suddenly things have popped! We have been working together for 4 months and I am now getting regular incoming enquiries. This week I have sent out more quotes than the last two months combined. Momentum is building and I am so grateful to have found Naomi.

Sue Ingram, Converse Well

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If you think one-one-one coaching is for you, please feel free to book a FREE NO-OBLIGATION call with myself. I’ll be happy to provide you with a LinkedIn Profile Review and provide strategic advice personalised to your business and situation.

If you decide that you like the advice and would like help implementing it, we can discuss working together.

book a 1-2-1 session



To accelerate your development and get more from our coaching sessions you’ll have life-time access to our online training course.

Delve in deep and transform your business with our proven step-by-step methodology. Delivered in eight online modules with group coaching sessions, you’ll learn the principles of The Expert Economy and begin applying the methodology to your business in real time.

With worksheets and an online Business Planner, you’ll be able to explore the concepts, translate them for your business and cement your learning into an actionable plan that will quickly transform your business and results.


  • Instant access to online modules
  • Guidance applying the step-by-step methodology
  • LinkedIn Training Manual (with online support)
  • Sales scripts, templates, LinkedIn Training
  • Worksheets & Business Planner
  • Online training portal with new resources added
  • Lifetime access to group coaching
  • Access to the Expert Inner Circle

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

key learning points



Create a compelling niche that speaks directly to the problem you solve so you’re easy to refer.



Write valuable content that will have prospects sit up and take notice (across the globe).



Leverage the trust in your network to receive quality referrals that don’t shop around.



Pitch your services so your prospects feel they know, like and trust you.



Structure sales conversations so they feel natural and asking for their business feels comfortable



Create an offer that will have your most ideal prospects eager to speak to you and refer you to their friends.



From ideal prospects who already know they want to work with you



Make it easy for your prospects to buy from you with transformational packages they want.


Once we’ve finalised your strategy and have agreed on how to pitch your business, we’ll get to work writing your LinkedIn profile.

Following an addition 60-minute interview, your coach and Expert LinkedIn Profile Writer will get to work writing your LinkedIn profile. We’ll write up each section of your LinkedIn profile for you presenting you with a Word document to edit.

Once we’re both happy with the draft we’ll upload it for you and give your LinkedIn profile a polish from top to bottom. We’ll also give your company page a once over (and set up it where needed).


  • A fully written LinkedIn profile uploaded for you with a polish from top to bottom
  • Set up and/or polish of your company page
  • A LinkedIn profile that considers the buying journey of your prospects and integrates perfectly with your sales funnel.
  • Advice on Rich Content Media and full support uploading it

MEMBERSHIP TO the workouts

For as long as you are active within a coaching programme your Workout attendees fee is included.

Get together with other like-minded entrepreneurs to share insights and expertise and make new friends. The road as an Expert Entrepreneur is never easy and often we appear as the ‘odd one out’ amongst our family and friends. It can often be hard for us to find the support we need, especially when the general marketing principles do not apply. Our monthly Workouts are designed to give you the support and momentum you need to explore and build your business. We meet in person, once a month for a full day of helpful workshops and collaboration.

what you can expect

  • Full day in Central London
  • Network and ask for introductions
  • Master the principles of the expert Economy and get apply them
  • Join an accountability group and track your progress each month
  • Meet other like-minded individuals on the same path as you
  • Join a mastermind session and resolve challenging issues
  • Benefit from our member’s knowledge and expertise
  • Fun variations that create memories and build friendships


Environment Dictates Performance

– Daniel Priestley, Author of Key Person of Influence


Maintain momentum and glean timely insights and motivation by getting up close and personal with the community.

The road to becoming a successful Expert Entrepreneur is never easy. They’ll be many obstacles along the way and times where you just have to sit back and see how things evolve. Sometimes we’re able to action ideas immediately, other times they take longer. Sometimes we’re hit with personal circumstances that knock us off course. The key though is to stay on course and in an environment that will keep you learning, keep you growing and keep you on track.

£30 per month but currently included for free with The Expert Economy Course and One-to-One Coaching.


  • An exclusive Whatsapp group for members
  • Touch base with others and share successes
  • Motivational Moment Audios from Naomi
  • Ask for help, input or support from members
  • Exclusive training days
  • Priority invitations to exclusive events and days out



If you think one-one-one coaching is for you, please feel free to book a FREE NO-OBLIGATION call with myself. I’ll be happy to provide you with a LinkedIn Profile Review and provide strategic advice personalised to your business and situation.

If you decide that you like the advice and would like help implementing it, we can discuss working together.

book a 1-2-1 session


Having started her business using LinkedIn, Naomi quickly shot to fame as a LinkedIn expert, writing LinkedIn profiles for business owners, thought-leaders, executives and sales teams.

Beginning her business with absolutely no notice, Naomi had to quickly establish her business to make her rent within two weeks. Applying the knowledge and skill accumulated over years of training other companies how to use LinkedIn and position themselves within their market, Naomi quickly became the 'go to' expert within her industry with her name coming up in all the right conversations. By her fourth month she was operating at full capacity and by month five, she won Oracle as a client.

Today, more than three years in, Naomi's LinkedIn profile writing skills are in high demand as well as her expert knowledge for structuring businesses to position individuals who selling their expertise and time for money as the 'go to' expert within their industry.

Having reviewed and written hundreds of LinkedIn profiles while in conversation with the profile owner, Naomi noticed that most people's businesses are not structured in a way that will allow them to easily win them business and meet their income targets. Having been in this position herself and writing her book Grassroots to Green Shoots in 2010, Naomi knows first hand the trouble this can cause and is on a mission to help others avoid the same fate.

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