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Create Your Life Self Coaching Book

Start an eight-week powerful journey of productivity and self-awareness. Each day you’ll answer five highly crafted questions to focus your mind, clear distractions and get you focused on the actions you need to be taking towards your goals. At the end of the week, you’ll review your progress in relation to the seven goals you created at the start of the eight-weeks and set your weekly actions for the week to come. A4 Double Page spread per day to answer the coaching questions and make additional notes throughout the day.

  • Work in short sprints towards your goals
  • Check-in on progress weekly to review and set next
    actions for the week to come
  • Identify what’s working and what you need to create
    structures to succeed
  • Review progress at the end of the eight-weeks,
    discover new distinctions about how you work
  • Answer powerful questions daily designed to focus
    your brain

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