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If you’re an Expert Entrepreneur looking to learn how to maximise your business and meet others on the same journey as you, you’re in the right place. Our events are a combination of Networking and Learning designed especially for those who sell their expertise as a service.


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Events are held via Zoom


30-mins in Breakout Rooms


Be Real. Create Space. Come in Service.

Get together with other like-minded entrepreneurs to share insights and expertise and make new friends.

The road as an Expert Entrepreneur is never easy and often we appear as the ‘odd one out’ amongst our family and friends. It can often be hard for us to find the support we need, especially when the general marketing principles do not apply.

Our networking event is designed to give you the support and momentum you need to explore and build your business. We meet virtually, via Zoom, for 90-minute on a Friday lunchtime once a fortnight.

We’ve chosen Friday lunchtime because if you were working with a team, you’d probably be celebrating the end of your week by going out for lunch – and thats the feeling we want to create. This is your chance to reflect on your week, share your progress with others who understand how momentous your accomplishments are, and glean new learning you can take with you into the weekend to start your Monday fresh and bright.

what you can expect

  • 90-mins virtual meeting via Zoom
  • Guaranteed 30-mins for networking
  • Content designed especially for Expert-led businesses
  • Variety of insightful content segments to mix things up and maximise value 
  • Group discussions, guest speakers, and your chance to present 
  • Ask questions, share insights, have fun and create lasting friendships

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A real-time entrepreneurial community for the new economy

why join US?


Meet likeminded entrepreneur experts, share business referrals, build your own tribe and make introductions and glean valuable insights and tips.


Navigate the road less travelled with others taking the same journey. Ask questions, share valuable insights and be inspired with experts on hand to help you build momentum.


Marketing & Sales training designed especially for the solo-entrepreneur, expert-led business. Online training, individual and group coaching using a tried and tested methodology.


  • A solo entrepreneur whose main product is your expertise and you solve meaningful problems in the world
  • A team player who appreciates being part of a community and wants to be part of a fun vibrant group
  • Looking for strategies to grow your business appropriate for your type of business
  • Wanting to build your own entrepreneurial tribe, glean insights and develop your skills
  • Someone who champions other people’s success and wants to share openly from your own experience and expertise
  • Wanting to build momentum in your business and achieve results
  • Just getting started or someway into your journey and looking to accelerate your progress
  • Value open, honest conversation and create win-wins for everyone

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sam hallett -  establishing our standard of living
Guaranteed 30mins in breakout rooms

A big thank you to Naomi for putting on this day. It reminded me of all the actions I need to be doing each month to keep my business on track. It’s good to have these things reinforced as it so easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter. Really valuable – and important – day

Angela Sims, Red Tulip

I’ve really enjoyed The Expert Economy networking events. There’s a wide variety of businesses to network with and one of the appealing things is the fact that it’s businesses from all over the country (even some international). Most other networking events are local so that makes a nice change. There are good expert speaker presentations as well as good networking opportunities in smaller breakout groups. Well run event, would definitely recommend.

Isi Dixon, Productivity Expert

Great first event from the Expert Economy.

Naomi Johnson was the host and she delivered a well structured and enjoyable meeting with like-minded businesses joining to discuss all things LinkedIn and what not to do when connecting.
The guest speaker was Daniel Disney from the daily sales and author of the million-pound LinkedIn message – I’ve been following Daniel for some time now and always enjoy his content and advice on social selling and he never fails to deliver a great talk.”

Paul Betts, Activ Business Solutions Ltd

Enjoyable event and the beginning of many new relationships – great!

Steve Wild, A4 Plus Limited

I really enjoyed connecting with other entrepreneurs and focusing again on a marketing strategy that works for entrepreneurs like me. I learned lots from the other attendees. It has reinvigorated me and given me the inspiration to keep going

Yvonne Omini – Dream Activator 

Great meeting with interesting people to talk to in the breakout rooms and a chance to learn more about LinkedIn.

Treena Maun, The Phobia Lady


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12:30 PM – 14:00 PM UK

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Environment dictates performance

– Daniel Priestley, author of Key Person of Influence

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