Grassroots to Green Shoots


In 2008 after a catalogue of mistakes, Naomi Johnson had to walk away from her coaching business having invested three hard years of blood, sweat and tears. At breaking point she was subletting her bedroom, sleeping on the sofa and eating baked beans for every meal, opening a can with a knife because she couldn’t afford a new tin opener. Her creditors were phoning 7 times a day and she had no peace.

In this book, Naomi deals head-on with the ‘Get Rich Quick’ industry and speaks frankly about what it really takes to be successful. She reveals the secret to making the transition from work to full-time entrepreneurship, how to find extra money in your monthly budget to invest in your business, and how to work out whether you business model can really meet your financial targets and get you the life you want.

Based on the wisdom she learned from her own mistakes, Naomi holds nothing back as she shares first hand from her own journey. By reading this book you will avoid many of the unspoken pitfalls successful business guru’s don’t think to tell you – things that if left unchecked will mean it’s ‘Game Over’ before you know it.

This book is perfect for the small business entrepreneurs who are starting to realise that the entrepreneur revolution may not be quite as easy as the ride it’s been billed as. If you are starting a new business, this book is a must-read.


What does the Book cover?

The book is split into 5 powerful sections

Section 1: Addresses the alarming trend of people entering self-employment as a response to changes in the economy and what this will mean for individuals. It examines the growing ‘Get Rich Quick’ industry and how to look out for con artists.

Section 2: Outlines 6 fundamental principles necessary for a successful business. Including how to manage your money, expectations, personal leadership, and business growth.

Section 3: The 30-day rescue plan I used to get myself out of poverty and back on my feet. I’ll show you how to handle overwhelming emotions of defeat, how to handle the pile of bills that haunts you and exactly what to do with your time now you know there is a problem

Section 4: The New Rules for Engagement. In Section 3 you walk away from being a slave to your business and in this section, I show you exactly how to put yourself in the director’s seat and take control.

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