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Discover a new level of productivity and efficiency

Unleash your full potential and achieve your business aspirations

Join a supportive community of peers and achieve more together

Refine your skills and daily approach through regular self-reflection and development

Stay on track and reach your goals with the structure and support of the program

Boost your productivity and efficiency to new levels

Welcome from Naomi

👋 Hi, I am Naomi,

Back in 2008 my coaching business was failing and I needed a coach to help me through – only I couldn’t afford one! So I began coaching myself, writing questions and answers on a piece of paper.

Over time I refined my questions and identified five vital questions that, when answered daily, would transform my life. I’ve been using these questions ever since to focus my mind and supercharge my results. I’ve also handed them out to clients and friends like a perscription and they too have experience massive transformations.

In 2019, sick of find these sheets scattered all over my house and office, I took advantage of developments in the printing press to create my Create Self-Coaching book – and power up my results by adding weekly reviews sheets.

In 2022, I began inviting my clients to group coaching sessions focused on using the book to supercharge results together.

And now I am opening up that opportunity to you.

I hope you will join me!

Let me tell you more about the Sprint and why I’m excited!

“I’ve identified five vital questions that, when answered daily, would transform my life. I’ve been using these questions ever since to focus my mind and supercharge my results. I’ve been handing them out like a prescription ever since!”

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Why Join a Sprint?

A ‘Sprint’ is a work methodology used by IT teams. By working within a short, clearly defined, period of time they are able to create better products with less headaches.

 In The Expert Economy, a Sprint is an 8-week period supported with online group sessions and a self-coaching book designed to help you focus your attention daily and reflect on your progress weekly.

expert achieving her target

Create a Quantum Leap in Your Business

You know what needs to be achieved in your business, but you’re procrastinating on the projects that – if completed – would great the biggest quantum leap in your business. By focusing on what’s important and putting a social deadline on when you’ll complete it, you’ll ensure it happens.

lady realising her improvements<br />

Improve Overall Performance

Gently course correct as you review your performance each week – what worked about your week and what didn’t – to identify new structures and approaches, that if implemented, will create incremental 1% improvements and dramatically improve your performance.

People in a group coaching session

Build Momentum

At the end of each week, acknowledge your accomplishments and create new actions for the week ahead that will see you draw closer to achieving your quantum leap. Use the weekly online group coaching sessions as your weekly check-in point so you do not ‘Pass Go’ without setting up your week the right way.

People in a group coaching session

Strengthen Your Inner Resolve

Build confidence as a business leader by learning to trust your instincts and acknowledging what you already know. With empowering daily coaching sheets designed to focus your attention on what’s important, and weekly group check-in calls, you’ll have all the support you need to blaze forward.   

What People Are Saying

Naomi’s eight-week Sprint has been essential to keeping my business activities on track and helping me to deal with overwhelm. The weekly sessions with other members of the group have been excellent for hearing and sharing ideas. Being with a group of people with experience and facing some of the same issues is important.

The Create book has now become an integral part of the way I work and how I plan my activities for the coming week – the Daily Coaching Questions helps me to feel confident as I start my day. Using the book and being on the Sprint has really helped my goal setting. My goals are now much more specific and this has brought clarity to the activities I should concentrate on to move forward. A great experience all round.

John Ipe

AGV Digital

The eight-week Sprint create structured reflection time that has given me massive insights into how I create, maintain and succeed in my business and home life.

The Coaching Book provided an easy day-to-day approach to follow that revealed interesting themes I wouldn’t otherwise have seen. This, along with the group sessions, brought many ah ha moments. Naomi’s stellar insights have helped me create successes for myself where they would not have otherwise been possible.

Naomi’s insights, humor and consistent support has benefited the entire group, leading to most of us continuing for a second Sprint. I highly recommend this programme.

Angela Sims

Red Tulip

I recommend signing up to the Sprint to everyone, especially if you want to learn more about yourself and the barriers you put in the way of your own success. Each week during the Sprint I became a little more confident in myself. Writing down my nagging worries allowed me to clear out my brain and answering the question ‘What do I know to do about it?’ has empowered me. 

My self-transformation has been really positive and I know has laid the ground work for blasting through my future goals. The weekly sessions also provided me with the momentum I needed to remain focused, as well as gave me much needed support and coaching to advance as much as possible. I highly recommend this programme.

Steve Besley

ISD Services

Your Sprint Companion

The Create Self-Coaching Book

Daily Coaching Sheet

Every day, you’ll complete five questions strategically designed to revive your outlook and align you with your most important next actions. By acknowledging what you’re grateful for, what you’ve done well and what’s bothering you, you’ll be in the perfect mindset to identify creative solutions and achieve momentum.

“The Coaching Sheet allowed me to clear my mind of everything that was bothering me. The first time I completed it, was the first night I slept peacefully without waking up anxiously worrying about my business”

– D. Mann, Business Owner

7 Days A Week For 8 Weeks

With an A4 Double-Page spread for each day, you’ll have space next to your Daily Coaching Questions to explore your ideas or jot down any notes throughout the day keeping all your thoughts in one place. The book contains a page per day for the eight weeks of the Sprint plus a ‘Pre-start’ week to help you gear up for using the book.

End of Week Reflection

At the end of the week, you’ll review the progressive you’ve made towards each of your goals and reflect on how well you approached the week and the impact of the things you didn’t do. As the weeks build, you’ll begin to see themes emerging that will change your mindset and have you create new structures to support you.  

Create Your Week

You’ll start your week by identifying the actions you’ll take towards achieving each of your goals in the next seven days. You’ll then allocate time in your diary for when you’ll do them. The additional coaching questions will get you thinking about how to approach the week ahead, so you’re set up for success.

Create milestones and Commit to Your Goals

During your eight-weeks you’ll work on seven goals (or intentions*) focused on your business, work life, homelife and significant relationships. For each goal, you’ll identify five milestones for achiving it (as not all projects can be achieved in eight weeks). The weekly Reflection and Action Pages all relate back to the rows on this page.

*somethings shouldn’t categorised as a ‘goal’, but rather an intention for the standard you want to achieve, so we call them intentions instead

Identify Your Direction and Evaluate Your Current Position

For both your business and your personal life, you’ll evaluate your current performance and plot it on a graph. You’ll identify what 10 out 10 in this area would look like and set an intention/goal for improving it in the next 8 week. Although all seven areas won’t be your focus, when you set the right goals, you’ll likely see improvements in all areas. We’ll be able to measure this by replotting your performance on the graph at the end of the Sprint.

Progress Report

At the end of the Sprint, you’ll review your progress for each of the goals you set and note any insights you’ve gained. You’ll then note any remaining next steps for your existing goals, before reviewing your progress over the last eight weeks, and identifying the lessons you’ll take forward, new goals you want to create and how you’ll reward yourself.

The Create Self Coaching Book

Beautifully created, the A4 self-coaching book has 189-pages with 9-weeks of coaching sheets (eight weeks for the Sprint and a Pre-Start week, so you can start using the book as soon as you recieve it). The light-weight, gloss finished, book will slot in our bag with your laptop making it easy to travel with. We recommend filling the book in daily, and not relying on technology, as writing creates a very different relationship and connection with the self, than typing with a screen. 

Doing It Together

Weekly Live Coaching

They say environment dictates performance, and when it comes to being an Expert Enterpreneur working alone at home, this is especially true.

Working alone, it can be easy to let an obstacle knock you off course, to choose to take an early mark and finish that project tomorrow, or lose momentum or enthusiasm for a project because no one is around to hold us accountable – or remind us how impactful completing a project will be!

The book is a great support, but whose going to keep you accountable to filling it in and reflect back distinctions that will transform your performance?

Our structured live weekly coaching sessions will ensure we climb together, and you get the support you need to stay focused on achieving the project or output that will cause a quantum leap in your business.

If the best performance teams in the world work in Sprints, and performance dictates we need people with us, let’s not leave anything to chance.

Monday Kick-Off Calls
Every Week at 1pm UK

We come together same time at the same week.

If you need to miss a session, you’ll be pair up with another member so you can recreate the session at a time of your convenience. The calls are designed to make sure you don’t move forward with your week without completing your “End of Week Reflection” or setting your plan your actions for the next week.

The lunchtime appointment is designed to convenient, as well as make calls accessible to our international friends.

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The webinar will be highly interactive and is designed to provide you maximum value so you can decide if the Sprint is right for you.

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