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What does this mean?

The Expert Economy Strategy Course runs regularly throughout the year. Each course is made up of groups of eight. For us, this is an important dynamic as you undertake the course and the challenges of growing your business. Making sure we have the right group sizes and mix of entrepreneurs is important to us. This is why we ask you to Pre-Register. 

When does the next course start?

Once you’ve confirmed your email, you’ll be emailed the next start date. If you know you’d like to book, you can go ahead and book your place using the link within the email. We’ll then email you to let you know you’ve been accepted. 

Want to discuss it with Naomi?

Absolutely! When making such an investment, it’s important to make sure the course is right for you and that the course leader knows about you, your business and your situation. So we always invite you to speak to Naomi first.

Book a Call

Naomi has been providing LinkedIn Profile Reviews for over 7 years now, and finds them the best backdrop to any exploratory conversation like this. So instead of just booking you in for a chat, let’s book you in for a LinkedIn Profile Review. This way, along with finding out if the course is right for you, you’ll also receive customised ideas and tips for your business. (Don’t have a profile? Or think yours is up to scratch. Don’t worry, few are!)

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